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Litigation & Bankruptcy

No one expects to end up in court, but it happens, and in many cases, it is driven by outside factors. If you are already involved in a lawsuit, headed inevitably toward one, or would like to try to prevent one from developing, we can help address your litigation concerns.

A sampling of our litigation services include:

  • General civil litigation, including representation in jury trials, in most areas of Ohio and Federal law
  • Defending employers against employee claims under Ohio and Federal laws, including unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, and wage and hour laws
  • Representing employers in audits initiated by Ohio and Federal agencies, including the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, and United States Department of Labor
  • Representing employees in employment matters, including breach of contract, wrongful termination, and other claims under State and Federal law

If your finances have gotten out of hand, you should realize that filing personal bankruptcy gives you the power to get back in control of your life. Bankruptcy can stop the collection calls, stop any collection lawsuits, stop foreclosure actions and often gives you a refund of previously garnished wages.

A sampling of our personal bankruptcy services include:

  • Filing Chapter 7: which can allow you to discharge many of your debts and often will allow you to keep your home and vehicle
  • Filing Chapter 13, which can halt foreclosure actions and discharge your debt by making a manageable monthly payment
  • Defending clients in post-bankruptcy challenges by creditors to provisions of the bankruptcy filing
  • Handling conversions from Chapter 7 to Chapter 13 and vice versa